The Supp Lab conducts research in ecological systems, using large datasets and computational tools. Students who have worked in the Supp Lab includes undergraduates from several different majors at Denison University.

Principal Investigator, Dr. Sarah Supp

Dr. Sarah Supp conducts interdisciplinary ecological research using data science tools. Her favorite topics take a macroecological approach to understand patterns of biodiversity and animal movement across space and through time. She collaborates with a broad range of ecologists at other institutions, and frequently mentors undergraduates from Data Analytics, Computer Science, and Biology majors as research assistants. In her free time, she likes to go on adventures with her partner and two tiny humans.

Current Undergraduate Researchers

Jessy Jiahui Niu ’22 – Data Analytics major. Jessy worked as an undergraduate research assistant on the NSF project for avian effects on eastern red cedar expansion, writing lots of R code to use 13 years of eBird datasets to infer population-level migration patterns (Spring, Summer, and Fall 2020). She plans to attend graduate school after Denison and her dream job would involve data story-telling for readers outside the technical world.

Past Undergraduate Researchers

Francis Biagioli ’20 – Biology major. Francis worked on a data aggregation project to collect information on Ohio butterfly species and their traits, as part of a collaboration with the restoration ecology program at The Wilds (Spring 2019). He decided that ecology is pretty cool and is now a Ph.D. student in the DeLong Lab at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he is working on incorporating omnivory into predatory-prey interactions to model predator response.

Jonas Nielsen ’20 – Biology major (premed). Jonas worked on data aggregation project to collect information on butterfly species occurrence in Ohio compared to county-level records and those collected by volunteer community scientists at The Wilds (Spring 2019). He is currently working as a medical scribe at the Cleveland Clinic and is applying to attend Medical School.

Kymani Senior ’20 – Computer Science major. Kymani wrote a python script to automate reformatting 14 years of inconsistently formatted community-science time series data collected for a restoration project by partners at The Wilds (Spring 2019).

Join the Supp Lab!

I am currently on sabbatical until Fall 2021, but I hope to take on a few research assistants during the 2021-2022 academic year, to work on the NSF project on bird migration and eastern redcedar expansion. I will likely also take on 1-2 summer students in 2022, who can interact with the Anderson Summer Scholars and can develop questions related to bird migration, eastern redcedar spread, and possibly with a science communication or journalism component (with our collaborators at Kent State University). Send me an email or just ask if you are curious!