Software and Data

MACD: Manipulated Animal Community Database. S.R. Supp. figshare. | figshare

METE: Software for Analyzing Harte et al.’s Maximum Entropy Theory of Ecology. E.P. White, D.J. McGlinn, X. Xiao, S.R. Supp, K.M. Thibault. figshare. | figshare | GitHub

hb-migration: Accompanies a suite of Supp et al. eBird and remote sensing data projects to assess variation in North American hummingbird migration across seasons, years, and species. | GitHub

Extreme_limits: Accompanies the Graham et al. project assessing the impacts of winter environment (NDVI, operative temperature, precipitation) on hummingbird arrival and body condition at field sites. | GitHub

Portal-rodent-dispersal: Accompanies the Supp, Koons, and Ernest project examining individual-level rodent movement using data for a 10-year time series at the Portal Project. Includes data and code for replicating analyses and figures. | GitHub

Experimental-rads: Accompanies the Supp and Ernest project evaluating change in the rank abundance distribution, community-level properties, and species composition in a wide variety of manipulated terrestrial animal communities. Includes data and code to replicate analyses and figures. | GitHub

PortalExperimentalMacroeEco: Accompanies the Supp, Xiao, Ernest, and White publication in Ecology (doi: 10.1890/12-0370.1). Includes data and code to replicate analyses and figures from the paper. | GitHub

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