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In Review Manuscripts

In Prep Manuscripts

  1. Supp, S.R.*, L. Graham*, F.A. La Sorte, T.A. Cormier, G. Bohrer, R. Weinzierl, K. Guay, P. Jantz, G. Bohrer, D.R. Powers, S. Wethington, S. Goetz, and C.H. Graham. in revision. Alternate migration scenarios provide novel insights into environmental associations of migrating hummingbird populations in North America. Ecography | GitHub * shared first authorship
  2. Supp, S.R. in prep. Predicting community body size distribution response in the Anthropocene.
  3. Gambino, L. C.H. Graham, S.R. Supp, F.A. La Sorte, and L. Graham. in prep. Plant phenology combined with remotely sensed vegetation indices helps explain hummingbird migration patterns. Global Ecology and Biogeography.


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  2. Kerkhoff, A.J., S.R. Supp, M. Aiello-Lammens, and S. Echeverria-Lodono. 2018-2019. RCN-UBE Incubator: The Biological and Environmental Data Education (BEDE) Network.  National Science Foundation – DBI. $72,000
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  4. Supp, S.R. 2014-2017. Dynamic macroecology: Globally assessing body size diversity response to environmental change. National Science Foundation. Postdoctoral Research Fellowship – Intersections of Mathematical, Physical, and Engineering Sciences and Biology. DBI-1400911. $207,000 | web | OA
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Selected Presentations

  1. Using citizen science and remote sensing data to track hummingbird migration and its potential drivers. (slide deck from 2016 undergraduate department colloquium series, Valparaiso University) | figshare
  2. Citizen science and open science in the Anthropocene. (slide deck from 2015 Ecological Society of America conference). | figshare
  3. Dynamic macroecology for a changing world. (slide deck from 2015 department seminar, University of New Hampshire). | figshare
  4. Integrating continental-scale citizen science, environmental, and physiological data to identify drivers of species migration. (poster from 2014 Gordon Research Conference, Unifying Ecology Across Scales). | figshare
  5. Citizen science data + remote sensing to describe hummingbird migration (slide deck from 2014 Animal Movement Symposium). | figshare
  6. Life-history trade-offs of core vs. transient species regulate community diversity and structure (slide deck from 2013 Ecological Society of America Conference). | figshare
  7. Experiments and the Rank Abundance Distribution (Slides from 2012 Ecological Society of America Conference). | figshare
  8. Online Presence for graduate students (slide deck from 2012 Utah State University EcoLunch). | Prezi.
  9. Experimental evidence suggests that richness and total abundance primarily determine macroecological patterns (slide deck from 2011 Ecological Society of America Conference). | figshare

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